8 Signs It’s Time You Redesign Your Website

If you spent a significant amount of time and money on your website when it was first built, sometimes it can be hard to accept that it’s time for a change. But, when it comes to digital presence, times do change, and very quickly at that, so you need to be sure that your website is keeping up with the latest mobile device technology, latest search engine algorithms and latest security threats. If you fail to upgrade your site, there’s a risk the site could end up costing or losing you money either through lost sales, poor SEO, poor user experience or worst-case scenario it could be hacked and information lost. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to the ill effects of an ageing website - there are 8 key signs that it’s time for you to start thinking about investing in a new website.

  1. Your website speed is slow - If your site is slow to load, it can mean that it’s not keeping up with the latest browser technology. The effects of a slow website impact mainly on your visitors and customers, giving them a frustrating experience when they browse or use your site. Frustrated customers are likely to leave without making a purchase or enquiry.

  2. Your website looks outdated when compared to competition – Your website really is your shop window. If you were on the high street, would you leave your curtains closed, keep a fading sign outside, or simply patch up a broken window with cardboard? We suspect the answer is no, so don’t let your website give off a negative impression about your business when people pass by.

  3. There are security loop holes in your website – Signs of security loopholes can be things like spammy comments, broken links, broken images and a slow running site. You may not need these signs to tell your that your site is not secure, you probably know that already if you don’t have an SSL certificate or the site was set up on some free website building software. Don’t leave your website open to attack, you could lose important information and revenue streams in a click. What’s more, you could also be putting your customers’ personal information at risk and be in breach of Data Protection laws and regulations.

  4. Your website is not mobile friendly or responsive – If your site looks bad on mobile or tablet or needs lots of scrolling effort to read the information on it, then you’re likely to be frustrating those visitors again and losing sales. The numbers of people using websites on mobile devices is fast overtaking desktop users, so you need to accommodate this change.

  5. Your bounce rate is high and conversion rates are low – If your bounce rate is high and you have few conversions from your website, it’s a very loud and clear sign that the site isn’t working for your business. A well-thought out website should be bringing you business on auto-pilot and should have a healthy set of analytic data to report.

  6. You have lack of control on updating content on your website – Updating content is important for any type of business. Things change – policies, procedures, product lines, addresses…. new photos appear; you should be able to easily update most parts of your website without the help of a developer. If you can’t, then you’re likely to be wasting money on professional help or probably not keeping your website content in line with your business progression.

  7. Your website does not have a good user experience – What do people tell you about their first impressions of your website? Have you had calls and emails because customers can’t find the information they need or complete the actions that they want to? Streamline your admin processes and increase customer satisfaction by creating a better user experience with a new website.

  8. Your website lacks consistency – Websites that have been around for a while sometimes become a patchwork of various different updates. For example, a change in developer, change in staff and writing style, minor changes to company branding can leave pages mismatched and customers confused.

If your website is showing some of the above signs, it’s time to have a chat with us. At Just Some Coding we can help you plan your new website with minimal disruption to your business. We can also advise on best ways to integrate your CRM system with your website or online store.