The Importance of UX & UI in Web Development for your Business

What is UX and UI?

UX and UI are commonly used terms in web development and design. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are very important factors to be considered when creating a website that will give you a good return on your investment. If UX and UI are ignored, it could mean your website loses business and opportunities. User Experience is sometimes also referred to as the Customer Journey. UX takes into consideration how a visitor will want to use a website. Such factors include how visitors find the website, which type of device they will use to view the website, and what information they will want to read, input or search for on the website. The idea of designing and developing with UX in mind is to make essential parts of the website as easy to find and use as possible, and this includes aspects such as menu layout, category and page structure and making sure the website is free from frustrations and dead ends. UI is more focused on the aesthetics of the site, what the customer sees and how they are likely to react to it; aspects include where buttons are placed, colours used for visibility and types of forms used.

Why good UX & UI matter for your business

Visitors to your website are likely to be in a rush. The majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, when people are either commuting or travelling, just waking up or going to sleep, or perhaps relaxing at home surrounded by distractions. It’s important not only to capture your visitors’ attention quickly with an easy to digest design, but also to make the most of the short time they have to complete tasks and goals on your website. For example, a customer might be looking for a quote for tiles. You can make this as simple as possible with good UX and UI, which are interlinked. The customer visits the tile website and is greeted with some examples of products and then a very clear button to request a quote, which then leads to a form with just 2 data collection boxes. On a mobile device where phone numbers, and addresses have been stored, this form could self-populate, meaning that all the customer needs to do is press submit and the quote is requested. This is a quick and easy way to capture customer details and much more likely to lead to a sale than asking a customer to call you during office hours.

An example of poor UX and UI can usually be found on clothing websites. Sites where the customer cannot scroll continuously on mobile or return to the same point in a search after viewing an item can be incredibly frustrating on mobile. Or sites where there is an over complicated shopping cart process are highly likely to lose a high percentage of their sales. Customers will either get fed up, run out of time or even fall asleep before checking out if there are too many stages to go through to purchase an item. eBay for example, allows customers to buy an item in just 2 clicks if they have already uploaded all of their information and permissions. This makes it almost too easy to buy things and users sometimes surprise themselves when a package turns up they forgot they actually bought!

Good UX and UI will also prevent complaints about service in general. In the UK, the HMRC website is notoriously complicated and difficult to navigate and results in a high call volume to the helpline. In any business this would mean wasted staff time and blocked phone lines. And it’s not just customers that rate businesses on their website experience, Google does too! SEO can be affected by a poorly designed website that doesn’t flow in a logical manner as Google will treat the site less favourably when it chooses how important it is for a search term.

How do Just Some Coding help with UX and UI

Any website built by the Just Some Coding team will be built with the end user in mind. Our highly experienced team have enough technical expertise to ensure that the User Interface of each website is the best it can be and that the User Experience is not just smooth but also pleasurable and memorable. When we complete a website project for our client, we carry out vigorous testing before handover to iron out any User Experience hurdles to completing a sale or enquiry. For a well- designed, revenue generating website, contact us today to discuss your business needs – consultation is free!