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Custom CMS Websites Vs Wordpress CMS Websites - Why Custom CMS Websites Are Still Relevant

If you’re going to create an app for your business, a custom built app will wow your customer for stronger long-term resultsMore

The Advantages Of A Custom Built App Vs A Ready-Made App

If you’re going to create an app for your business, a custom built app will wow your customer for stronger long-term resultsMore

One Very Common Query in Malta - Can A Facebook Page Replace a Small Business Website?

If you want to seem professional and dependable in todays tech age, a professional website speaks volumes. Get in touch with us today for a free consultationMore

Is Your Business Website Responsive?

If your a buisness in todays current tech age, a responsive website really is a must. From phones and tablets to laptops, your website will never fail on any device if you consider responsive design...More

Why should you invest in a mobile app for your business

Web development has come a long way since the early days of internet use. A website is now an essential part of any business’s online footprint, even for Sole Traders. Some might argue that in our predominantly digital society, a business isn’t really...More

Why should you choose Just Some Coding for your Mobile App and Web Development

Mobile apps are a software application developed specifically for a mobile device – usually a Smartphone or Tablet such as an iPhone or iPad. A mobile app is completely separate to a website and the design and user-interface is usually simplified to take into account the smaller screens and processing memories of mobile devices. An app can essentially be a copy of your website, made easier to use on the go. This means that customers trying to access your website on their phone now have a better way to do so. It’s also possible to add some extra features into an app, such as loyalty schemes and notifications (reminders) to encourage your customers to interact more with your brand....More

The Principle of App Design

Like web design, app design can be tackled from many angles and results can vary. Some apps will look fantastic but fail to deliver results; some may have a poor design experience but make millions of £s. There is a fine balance of user experience vs design vs functionality when designing apps. Here are 6 principles that we use to guide us into creating the most successful apps for both their users and the businesses that own the apps...More

Apps vs Mobile

Many businesses overlook the potential of Mobile Apps because they already have a Mobile Responsive website. It’s easy to think that just because a website can be viewed on a smartphone, that it will do the same job as the website does on the desktop. But this isn’t strictly true...More