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Why Your Business Website Needs A Live Chat

Web chat is a free and simple form of communication for your customers, often much less annoying than being left in a queue over the phone! Customer service agents can have multiple chat windows open so that agents can look after a number of customers at once, reducing waiting times. More

3 Top Tips To Quickly Improve Your Website’s SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimisation is hugely important in determining the success of your website! In a digital world where organic searches constitute what websites get visited and when it is an aspect of your site that should be properly considered.More

8 Signs It’s Time You Redesign Your Website

When it comes to digital presence, times do change, and very quickly at that, so you need to be sure that your website is keeping up with the latest mobile device technology. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to the ill effects of an ageing website - there are 8 key signs that it’s time for you to start thinking about investing in a new website. More

Why Google Ads Are A Winning Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Google Ads, also known as Pay-Per-Click ads are often misunderstood as being “expensive” but this is not the case if managed properly. In fact, Google Ads can help to launch a business or product overnight by propelling it to the top of the search pages. More

Is A Blog Really Important For Your Business?

One of the first things we all learn about SEO is that having a blog is very important to a well-rounded SEO strategy. Search engines love content, the more content you create, the more likely your site will be shown and therefore the more visitors it’ll receive.More

Why your Online Presence is Important for your Business

Having an online presence is a brilliant way to communicate your business functions, dreams and values to the wider community and the world in today's tech age. More

Features of a User-Friendly Mobile Website

In today's mobile world, having a mobile accessible website is a necessary consideration. There are some critical features you need to include to ensure that the website functions well, is user-friendly, and makes the most of each visitor, encouraging them to stay and browse and make a purchase or submit. Professionally crafted solutions will take these points into account at all stages of development.More

The Importance of UX & UI in Web Development for your Business

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are extremly important considerations when creating a website for your buisness.More

Custom CMS Websites Vs Wordpress CMS Websites - Why Custom CMS Websites Are Still Relevant

Custom built apps have many benefits ranging from better security, less chance of your site getting hacked and a completely bespoke solution to your CMS business needs.More

The Advantages Of A Custom Built App Vs A Ready-Made App

There are several mobile and desktop solutions aimed at tempting businesses into creating their own apps quickly and easily, and then paying a subscription to keep the app live. These solutions are a clever idea, however, they’re not always the best solution for all kinds of businesses, especially for those that require the app to be tailored around their brand.More

One Very Common Query in Malta - Can A Facebook Page Replace a Small Business Website?

If you want to seem professional and dependable in todays tech age, a professional website speaks volumes. If you only showcase your business on Facebook instead of using a website, you’re very limited in the ways that you can market your Facebook Page. Get in touch with us today for a free consultationMore

Is Your Business Website Responsive?

The way we use websites has changed dramatically over the last decade with mobile browsing and mobile website use being the most popular way to get online. If your a buisness in todays current tech age, a responsive website really is a must. From phones and tablets to laptops, your website will never fail on any device if you consider responsive design. More

Why should you invest in a mobile app for your business

Web development has come a long way since the early days of internet use. A website is now an essential part of any business’s online footprint, even for Sole Traders. Some might argue that in our predominantly digital society, a business isn’t really...More

Why should you choose Just Some Coding for your Mobile App and Web Development

Well designed and created apps allow for more user-friendly search options, better button styling and better check-out and form filling processes. All of these will help generate more sales and recover lost sales.More

The Principle of App Design

Like web design, app design can be tackled from many angles and results can vary. Some apps will look fantastic but fail to deliver results; some may have a poor design experience but make millions of £s. There is a fine balance of user experience vs design vs functionality when designing apps. More

Apps vs Mobile

Many businesses overlook the potential of Mobile Apps because they already have a Mobile Responsive website. It’s easy to think that just because a website can be viewed on a smartphone, that it will do the same job as the website does on the desktop. But this isn’t strictly true...More