One Very Common Query in Malta - Can A Facebook Page Replace a Small Business Website?

Facebook is a free resource for marketing your Malta Business. Facebook Business Pages have become very dynamic since they were first launched, and many Maltese companies feel that having a Facebook page is a good low-cost alternative to having a website and is enough to drive interest and sales.

Yet whilst a Facebook Page is indeed a good starting point and is quick, easy and free to set up, it isn’t, however, a replacement for a business website. There are so many reasons why you still need a website for your business. You will find the investment paying for itself in no time when compared to the hard slog of trying to drive people to your Facebook Page, which will be one of the millions of business pages on the social network.

  1. Facebook pages are limited, your website is only limited to your imagination

    A Facebook Business Page can only have certain page sections or “tabs”. You are limited to a few basic features such as showing a collection of videos and photos, listing events and installing a shop window. There are ‘apps’ that can be added onto Facebook Pages, but these often require maintenance when Facebook updates its software, plus many of these apps require coding knowledge to set them up.

    With a website, you can have as many pages and functions as you wish. You can choose which pages to display on your menu bar and you can name these sections depending on your business theme. You can choose the layout, colours, style and graphics on your own website to suit your brand which really gives online visitors a feel for what your business represents. On the other hand, it can be hard to stand out on Facebook, as every Business Page has the same layout and you are limited to expressing yourself only in your cover photo or video.

    Also on your website, you can install a blog, and have a lot more written content about your products, successful projects, and share your brand story, things that you just can’t have on Facebook.

  2. There are hundreds of ways to market a website versus two ways to market a Facebook Page

    If you only showcase your business on Facebook instead of using a website, you’re very limited in the ways that you can market your Facebook Page. You can either share the link of your page everywhere you can, online and offline; or pay to use Facebook’s advertising platform, which taps into one niche of customers and may not always provide a good return on investment. Moreover, keep in mind the Facebook link to your page is rather long. When you have your own website, the link is likely to be much shorter and more memorable, and it will easily fit onto business cards and leaflets. Plus it looks more professional than simply sharing a link to Facebook. You can also use SEO, blogging, paid search and a variety of other methods to market your website, that isn't possible with a Facebook Page.

  3. Having a website makes your business professional and established

    As mentioned above, sharing a link to Facebook alone doesn’t look very professional. Having your own website address communicates to potential customers the idea that your small business or start-up is an established one. It will also allow you to have a branded email address, instead of a free email account from ‘Gmail’ or ‘Yahoo’ that do not reflect your brand name, and again might look somehow unprofessional. If you spend a little time and money investing in the design and user experience of your website, you’ll find that customers are more willing to trust your brand.

Working With A Professional Web Design Company

Whilst it might seem like a big leap in your business to go from a free Facebook Page to a professionally built website, it doesn’t really break the bank.

Just Some Coding have years of experience and can help guide you through the process, and at the same time offer an affordable package to establish your business online. Consultations and quotes are free, so you have nothing to lose by starting to explore your options.