Blogging takes time and effort and is often a disregarded marketing tactic. Most small businesses lack team members that feel confident about writing for an audience. It’s a very specific skill, and even if you do have a talented writer in your team, constantly coming up with news or ideas for your content can be a challenge. A good solution for this is to outsource the blogging to a team that’s passionate about writing, but this does come at a financial cost, so, why is it worth investing your business’s money in blogging?

1) Blogging improves your SEO

One of the first things we all learn about SEO is that having a blog is very important to a well-rounded SEO strategy. Search engines love content, they digest it and analyse it and use it to decide when to show potential customers your website listing. The more content you create, the more likely your site will be shown and therefore the more visitors it’ll receive… and therefore the chance that these visitors will convert to a lead or sale increases.

Blogging can work really well to provide you with some quick SEO wins. Longer content is more likely to help you rank for long tail search queries, as the search engines will try to come up with an exact match for a query and will almost always favour fresh content over old. Blogging is conversational, and often the way users type in a search query is conversational too. And finally, if your blog is well written, it’s likely that other websites will want to link to your content pointing to it as a reference or authoritative voice, thus creating those all-important backlinks.

2) Blogging opens up your brand voice and personality

There’s only so much you can say in social media posts and on static information pages on your website. Blogging is a fantastic vehicle for showing your customers a more in-depth side of your daily operations and to get across your brand personality and ethos. Perhaps you’ll write about your team or show customers that you’re in tune with them by writing about their experiences and frequently asked questions, as well as introducing them to new products. The more your customers read your content, the better acquainted with you they’ll become, and will begin to trust and feel familiar with your brand. Familiarity and trust drives purchase decisions.

3) Blogs create social sharing opportunities

Not only is a blog a great piece of content that can be shared across your own social channels, but it’s also something that your audience will want to share with their friends, if you’re writing about the right topics. How-to guides, opinion pieces, funny anecdotes are all shareable content. And if your content is “evergreen” then it can be shared on a regular basis and over time will gain traction and could even “go viral”.

So, where do you start? If your blog needs attention or hasn’t even got off the ground, you need a professional team to bring it to life straight away with good quality content. Experienced writers are worth their weight in gold but needn’t cost the earth. At Just Some Coding we offer affordable blogging packages for a set cost, alleviating the need to pay by the word or by the hour for a talented writer. Contact us for more information about our content writing services.

Main image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay