Why should you choose Just Some Coding for your Mobile App and Web Development

Why Should You Choose Just Some Coding For Your Mobile App And Web Development?

What Is An App And Why Are There Different Types?

Mobile apps are a software application developed specifically for a mobile device – usually a Smartphone or Tablet such as an iPhone or iPad. A mobile app is completely separate to a website and the design and user-interface is usually simplified to take into account the smaller screens and processing memories of mobile devices. An app can essentially be a copy of your website, made easier to use on the go. This means that customers trying to access your website on their phone now have a better way to do so. It’s also possible to add some extra features into an app, such as loyalty schemes and notifications (reminders) to encourage your customers to interact more with your brand.

There are several different kinds of apps: - Iphone, Ipad, Android, and HTML5. Some companies may at first only choose to develop an app suitable for Apple Store (Iphone and Ipad apps) to test the market. A good mobile app developer will be able to take an app in one format and recreate it in another, meaning it can be accessed universally. Something to bear in mind about apps is that the can become outdated, as Android and IOS constantly updates, so it’s good to have an ongoing relationship with your mobile app developer so that they can ensure you’re ahead of the game, fix bugs related to software updates, and prevent any negative user-experiences.

Why Do I Need An App If I’ve Already Got A Responsive Website?

A responsive website will shrink to fit a phone screen, but isn’t always practical for the user. Phone screens are small, and this means that text and buttons are small to work with too. If you’ve ever tried to shop for some clothing on a website on your phone, you’ll understand the bane of scrolling through hundreds of items! Apps allow for more user-friendly search options, better button styling and better check-out and form filling processes. All of these will help generate more sales and recover lost sales.

If your website isn’t responsive and you’ve already looked at it on a mobile device, you may have noticed a peculiar layout, or that the website doesn’t really function at all. This doesn’t give a professional impression of your business at all, and users are highly likely to switch off from your brand entirely, if this is their first visit.

How Are Just Some Coding Different From Free App Creation Services Or Software Companies?

If you have used a free app creation service, you will understand that these platforms are very basic, and functions are extremely limited. And as for the look and feel of a basic app, it’s very unlikely it will represent your brand in the way you’d like it to. We dare say that the time you’ll spend learning to create your app will not be repaid in users or sales. Just Some Coding was established nearly seven years ago, and our company is a collection of experts from the fields of Information Technology and Marketing, based in Malta. Our expertise in user-experience and our focus on app design, means that we truly understand what it takes to create a successful mobile app, and can be creative and innovative to tailor our technology to our clients’ needs.

Some web developers or software companies will offer app design as an add-on service just to add to their products list, without really focusing on it. Often apps are basic versions of a website and won’t have the marketing, user-experience and stability focus behind them, that we are so proud of at Just Some Coding. And, because we are focused on app development, we are continually researching and developing our internal processes and techniques through industry news, attending conferences and testing through our own apps.

What Kinds Of Apps Do Just Some Coding Create?

We’re proud to have the largest app portfolio in Malta, having developed over 60 apps for both Maltese and international clients. We’ve successfully developed apps for a variety of sectors including: business (Portughes, Unmomento), data management apps (Brown’s Pharmacy), games/entertainment apps (U*BET, MFCC), medical & fitness apps (Burniva) news apps (Indulge), insurance apps (Mapfre Middle Sea) established businesses (Go Mobile, Forestals), educational (yellow, villa bologna, Valletta 2018), music (89.7 bay app), along with a handful of start-ups and sole traders.

Our clients leave us very happy, because we have a dedicated after-sales service to ensure every expectation has been met and that the app is performing both technically and effectively from a marketing point of view. We are always dedicated to getting the very best return on investment for our clients. If you would like to discuss app development with us, do get in touch!